Tiger Maple Furniture - 18th Century Reproduction
free brochure tiger maple furnitureWith the hundreds of pieces to choose from, D.R.Dimes is the leading maker of handmade 18th century reproduction tiger maple furniture in the country. A family business for almost forty years, D.R. Dimes offers the widest selection of museum quality tiger maple tables, cupboards, beds, chests and clocks. To see the finest tiger maple furniture made today, use the navigation buttons above to browse the online catalog or find a dealer near you. For more information about tiger maple furniture, read on.

Tiger maple, also know as curly maple, is a figured wood. That is to say the grain of the wood grows in a distinctive wave pattern. It is not clear what causes this rare defect but when tiger maple is sawed across that grain an iridescent striping isrevealed in the face of the plank. As you can see in the adjacent photo when tiger maple is split along the grain the growth pattern is exposed. The size, intensity and consistency of the curl throughout the board determines the grade or quality.

Tiger MapleWhile tiger is in the grain of the wood and not in the finish, finishing technique is critical to the look of tiger maple furniture. As with 18th century tiger maple furniture, we hand scrape our furniture to accentuate the figure. Tiger that is only sanded will appear flat and lifeless. A finish is then applied that simulates the desirable warm patina of colonial period tiger maple furniture.

The use of tiger maple in furniture reached its peak in the American colonies during the 18th century. Used in most of the important furniture making centers during the period, figured maple was most prevalently applied in New England. Strongly figured tiger maple in an otherwise run of the mill piece of antique furniture, such as a Windsor chair, usually adds many times to its value. Other native species were used to make wonderful and important furniture but D.R.DIMES collectors overwhelmingly prefer tiger maple.

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